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Within five weeks of murder of Avijit Roy, another secular blogger has been hacked to death in the broad day light on a busy street of Dhaka yesterday (30.03.2015). This time it was 26 years old Washikur Rahman. Interestingly, the assailants were three machetes wielding Islamists. It was a rerun of Avijit’s murder with only […]

Does Islam Need Reforming?

The world of Islam is in a state of turmoil. Radicalised Muslims and their misdemeanours are rarely out of media spotlight these days and rightly so. From the earth shattering event of 9/11 in New York in 2001 and the London Underground bombing in 2005 to al-Qaeda activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and in many […]

I am Avijit; Not Charlie, Not Farkhunda

While I have to acknowledge that I am not the first to use the phrase, “I am Avijit”, when I say it, it is not a mere slogan for me. As I use this phrase, I mean real solidarity with what Dr. Avijit Roy stood for; and in one word, it is “Humanity.”

The usage of […]

Urge the Bangladeshi government to speak up and pursue a thorough investigation.

March 26th marks one month from the date my husband, Avijit Roy, and I were brutally attacked on the Dhaka University campus. Avijit wrote about science and humanity, critiqued religious fundamentalism, and created the first online Bangla platform for Freethinking. For these reasons, religious extremists hacked Avijit to death with machetes. The attack occurred in […]

Dozens Attend “Standing With Avijit” Rally in Washington DC 3/21/15

Washington, DC  – On March 21, 2015, about 100 Bangladeshi-Americans, human rights advocates, and interfaith leaders gathered in Dupont Circle to highlight the recent murder of a humanist writer. The rally, titled “Standing with Avijit” responded to the February 26 murder of Bangladeshi-American writer/blogger Avijit Roy by religious extremists in Dhaka.

“We are here to rally, […]

Dr. Avijit Roy and His Enlightening Role for Freethinking in Bangladesh

Shabbir Ahmed

Dr. Avijit Roy was hacked to death just outside the Dhaka Book Fair by assailants with machetes on February 26, 2015. The assailants attacked him from behind as we learned from the news report. These killers were not different from those who picked up Bengali intellectuals and killed them mercilessly in 1971. At the […]

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Someone has sent me a link to one of my previously published posts in Mukto Mona. The link contains the below mentioned article. I am uploading the article for the visitors of Mukto Mona. The author, Mahin Khan, is rightly very worried about the present political turmoil and innumerable extra-judicial murders of opposition party followers […]

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