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Someone has sent me a link to one of my previously published posts in Mukto Mona. The link contains the below mentioned article. I am uploading the article for the visitors of Mukto Mona. The author, Mahin Khan, is rightly very worried about the present political turmoil and innumerable extra-judicial murders of opposition party followers […]

Log in Problem

Due to some unknown technical problems, we are experiencing some sort of difficulties to log into Mukto-mona English blog from the front page’s log in section. However, it possible from a back end log in page, which can be found by clicking the following link.


Our technical team is trying to find out the problem and […]

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Avijit Roy: A Life Well Lived (1972 – 2015)

During the last two years, Avijit Roy wrote at a furious pace. It was as if he sensed his time was limited on this earth. He also traveled. Along with his wife and daughter, he took a trip to the Grand Canyon, stopped at CERN in Geneva to satisfy his curiosity about the Higg’s Boson, […]

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