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Eating animals

How many Bengalis do you know who do not like shorshe ilish? Can you imagine a Bengali wedding without kacchi biryani, or beef rezala? If I had to guess, I would say that your answers are “not many,” and “hardly.” Even though my knowledge of Bengal is rather limited, I think this I know: Bengalis […]

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Vadodara and Ahmedabad (India) recently faced two tragic incidences of immense social implications. These incidences may be isolated in nature but give insights in to the prevailing social milieu.

In the first incidence, one 22 years old woman bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer. The woman delivered a baby just 10 days ago. […]

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Fiddling while Rome burns: The ethical cost of living the high life

Two years ago, more than 1,100 people lost their lives in the rubble of Rana Plaza. The tragedy made headlines around the globe, and fundraising committees were formed both in Bangladesh and abroad immediately after the building had collapsed. Horrified by the pictures on social media, in the newspapers and on TV, people from all […]

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First interview after attack for American Atheist Convention

Rafida Ahmed Bonya is a writer and the wife of the late writer Avijit Roy who was brutally killed by Islamic fundamentalists on 26 February 2015. Here is her video message to the American Atheists Convention 2015.

The Nation of Abject Irresponsibility

This is with my sense of disgust that the molested women and their families must have felt in the Bangla New Year’s day at the Dhaka University campus. I am so frustrated about Bangladesh that I feel like not talking about it at all, like I wish I was not born there.

In the latest major […]

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I got tempted to write this post as a sequel of Jahed Ahmed’s post “Bangladesh: where words cost lives”. Jahed agreed on lamentation of Dr Ajoy Roy about the Bangladesh which has gradually gone in the hands of Islamists. Dr Ajoy Roy also expressed that bangladesh was not liberated from Pakistan for Islamist activities.

Jahed wrote […]

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Bangladesh: Where words cost lives

NOTE: Originally the Daily Star has published this op-ed and then the daily Dawn of Pakistan. Please comment and share! – Jahed
Bangladesh: Where words cost lives

ANOTHER blogger” is the phrase most English news media worldwide used in their headlines of blogger Oyasiqur Rahman Babu’s murder. The phrase “another blogger” says a lot: Babu is not […]

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