One evening, on a busy highway in Dhaka city a lot of buses with many passengers on it and cars with a few people were running up and down to their destinies. All of a sudden, a bus pushed at the back side of another bus, but not very hard because the bus driver was able to press the brake tightly in proper time. If not, a deadly accident could have been happened. The cause of the incident was that the engine of the bus ahead had broken down unexpectedly without giving any kind of anticipation. Therefore, the driver of the bus behind couldn’t help himself doing this. The crash made both buses shake off. As a result, some passengers on both buses got hurt not severely; passengers sitting or standing at the rear side of the bus ahead got more hurt than others.

Just as the incident occurred, passengers on both buses started hollering. At first, they tried to blame the driver of the bus that had taken the active role in the incident. But, after a while, the passengers on the bus behind, when they heard the bus ahead of them had stopped abruptly itself, begun to allege the driver of the bus ahead. Accordingly, the passengers on both buses began to accuse the driver of the other bus and they felt sympathy with the driver of the bus in which they were passengers. The passenger standing or sitting on the back side of the bus ahead, getting more furious than others, in order to get out of the bus, and then to attack the other bus that was, they thought, responsible for the incident started hastening across the narrow passage between two rows of seats in the bus.

The bus behind veered its track, without any trouble crossed the bus ahead, for it was standing still because the engine of the bus didn’t get started in spite of trying repeatedly, and then leaving the other bus behind came ahead. The passenger of the bus now ahead saw out of the window some people coming toward their bus in a frantic mood abusing the bus driver.
The passenger of the bus now ahead easily understood that the people running towards them no one but the passengers of another bus. Right away, the passenger of the bus got angry with these people. So everyone seated and standing on the bus started to move ahead. For the time being, the passengers of other bus held the rod at the door of the bus firmly with their hands as to make the bus stop then get into it. The driver of the bus now ahead was bound to stop the bus to save the people from getting down on the highway, which could have been the cause of a dire consequence. As soon as the bus stopped, they got on the footboard of it. Some very agitated passengers of the bus now ahead who had already reached at the gate engaged themselves with these people in mayhem. At one point, the passenger of the bus succeeded in knocking down other people on the highway, and then they also got down on the highway and started beating them.

Discerning the matter, the passenger of another bus left behind was out of the bus, rushed to the bus in attacking moods. Having perceived this matter well, all of the passengers on the bus now ahead also came out of the bus and rushed to them who were coming furiously. Thus, both groups of agitated people encroach into other group as in the war between the soldiers of two countries in ancient time, and became one massive group and started rioting. As the two groups of people didn’t wear two kinds of uniform unlike the soldiers of the two countries in the battlefield, it was almost impossible for them to identify men whether they belonged to their own group or not. As a result, they hit the man they got nearby. Thus, fighting continued for some time.

Suddenly, one man already severely wounded by some crazy men of the crowd in order to free himself from the frantic mob started to run across the road. He was so afraid of the mob and so busy in running that he hadn’t the even the slightest chance of noticing the bus that was coming with its full speed towards him. As a result, when he was in the middle of the road, knocked down as the bus hit him with its whole might, but the driver of the bus was able to press the brake tightly. Otherwise, the man would be trespassed by the wheels of the bus. No sooner the crazy flock heard the sound of the crash, stopped fighting with each other, and in a moment become a mob of very compassionate people. Then a man pronounced that the man knocked down belonged to the throng. At these words, considered the man as their own guy, instantaneously the mob hurried to the place the injured man was lying down unconscious in front of the stopped bus as to rescue and get him to the hospital, and to take vengeance on this bus.

The mob divided into two groups: one with more sympathetic people and the other with more crazy people. The group of kind people was smaller than the other. Anyway, some men who were ahead lifted the body of the injured man stained with blood in their arms caringly, and right away others stood around them in a circle. At the moment, everybody presented there was lamenting, and they seemed to be the family members of the man. Some other people made a private car stop by waving their hands. Though the owner of the private car was not consented, the injured man was placed on a back seat along two men; the bloody head was placed on the one man’s lap and the legs were on the other man’s lap. Many people very close to the car tried to get on jolting with each other, but at last only three people succeeded in getting on, and in no time, they shout to the people still bumping to get on not to enter because there was no room left for even one, and closed the door. The people, inside and outside of the cars, tears gathered in their eyes, and was about to roll down on their checks. They seemed to be close relatives of the injured man. People, inside of the car bid the driver in choking voice with sobbing to go nearby hospital as fast as he could go. The owner of the private car had been forced to be seated beside the driver seat with his sulky face.

Well, another group of people infuriated with vengeance in their heart got crazier than before, and started to smash the glass of the windows and windscreen of the bus using brickbats which had hit the man of their throng. As a result, they involved themselves ultimately in a riot against the passengers on this bus.