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Humanity in Peril in Bangladesh

“We don’t want to be seen as atheists.” So says Sajeeb Wajed, the son and special advisor of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Free-thinker Ananta Bijoy Das is brutally murdered. Professor Jafor Iqbal is persona non grata in Sylhet, so says Awami League. Malaysia and Thailand turn away desperate boat people at sea; and most […]

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Undercurrent of Islamic Extremism in the West

It is highly appropriate and very pertinent that within a matter of days of winning the national election in the UK, David Cameron, the newly elected prime minister, has taken steps to tackle the menace of religious extremism and radicalisation of the country. A new legislative programme of counter-terrorism incorporating anti-radicalisation would be included in […]

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Yet Another Atheist Killed

Once again we are outraged at the shocking killing of Ananta Bijoy by thugs recruited by self-assigned protectors of Islam that is supposed to be so fragile that this 1300+ year old religion followed by several billion people around the world is in danger of being taken down by a few atheists. Rumor has it […]

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Bangladesh Islam Bachao Party

Members of Awami League, BNP, JP, Hefajot-e Islam, Jamaat-e Islami, Chhatra Shibir, Awami Jubo League, Tablig-e Jamaat and thousand of Ulema etc. etc. have assembled in Shahbag, Dhaka. The members of these divergent groups have kept aside their differences and animosity and have come under a single umbrella to address a common burning issue for […]


Tania went into a cosmetics shop in the new market area in order to buy some tips. She was dressed in sky color jeans and a stripe shimmy. She sensibly started to choose some from a great deal of different color and shape of the tips with her finicky eyes. It kept her busy quite […]

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Reuters Exclusive: Widow of slain U.S.-Bangladeshi blogger lashes out at Dhaka

Original Link on Reuters website.

On a recent evening in a Midwestern U.S. city, a middle-aged woman with bandaged arms and a missing thumb entered a crowded restaurant. Nearby, children colored with crayons. Waiters rushed by.

The maimed woman, Rafida Ahmed, scanned the room nervously. The Atlanta financial executive has been hiding since Islamic […]


So Mukto Mona was out of cyber world for some days. We have been facing this problem off and on following the murder of Avijit. However, it has come to life now. All Mukto Monas are happy once again.

I have been honoured to be associated with this enlighten group of people since 3 years. […]

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