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My Journey to Enlightenment- Ryan Croom

Author: Ryan Croom, USA

I spent many of my childhood summers in a small town in Mississippi—just an hour outside of New Orleans. Summers included an unbearable heat, running barefoot through my grandma’s backyard, and the weekly visit to the church down the road. Every Sunday, my grandma coaxed my mass of hair into looking presentable […]

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The Meaning of Life: There is No Spoon

Author: Anonymous, USA.

Coincidence is the Destiny

Part of me that thinks sharing this is a waste of time. I have made a conscious effort not to discuss my personal belief publicly on social media for quite some time now. There was a point in time when I would post my online comments on various discussions, almost […]

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Is it ISIS’ sinister ploy?

Europe is stunned, simply overwhelmed by the sheer size of the incoming migrants – men, women and children – from African and Asian Muslim countries. At no time since the Second World War, Europe had seen such a large mass migration of humans from other continents to Europe. European conscience and its libertarian principles have […]

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A Note on Peter Custers

My younger sister called the other night to tell me that journalist Peter Custers, familiar in Bangladesh, died of a heart attack. I had no contact with him for over 43 years, but occasionally bits of information came through the proverbial grape-vine that he is still involved in Bangladesh’s (and other places’?) radical politics. I […]

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The Non-Accountability Syndrome of Bangladesh

“Who attacked the teachers – Chhatra League boys? Not really, they are students, our students. What do they understand at this tender age? They understand whatever you teach them.” so says Professor Zafar Iqbal. “What’s their fault? I really feel sad for them. This is a kind of injustice. Punishment should be given to those […]

Religious indoctrination and my journey to enlightenment

I got enlightened when I read Quran and ‘Sirat Rasul Allah’ time and again and looked at my surrounding neighborhood after 9/11. Then I gathered some knowledge about other religions and history of religions. At the end I found that we could lead much better life in this world as a social being without any […]

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India’s struggle with Russian VVER-1000 reactors at KKNPP

The following article, written jointly by me, A Rahman, and India’s V T Padmanabhan, has been published in Bangladesh’s Energy and Power magazine on 1 Sept 2015. It may be noted that Bangladesh is also embarking on a similar project at Rooppur with the same reactor vendor, Rosatom of Russia. Here is the article.

India’s struggle […]

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