ISIS (or IS as it is also referred to) has become a force to be reckoned with. The west, in particular the US, funded it, albeit inadvertently, and then tried to ignore it, until it became a menace as we are witnessing now. The superpowers now realize they have created a monster. Regrettably, the US did not learn anything from its experience with Talibans and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Or, if it did, it did not matter.

The superpowers (imperialists) want to control the world. In order to control the world they need cronies and puppets in different spots of the world. In the seventies and eighties, the hottest spot was Afghanistan. Now it is Syria and Iraq. Saddam Hussein turned disloyal and refused subordination, so get him removed. Create new loyalists. Assad turned defiant, so remove him – arm rebels in Syria.

Now we have ISIS in Syria and Iraq, in Egypt and in France – threatened to be in the USA as well. A Frankenstein has been created that cannot be controlled. A genie was let out that cannot be put back in the bottle. Monsters that are now threatening their masters.

We just have seen these monsters in action in Paris. We have seen their acts when the Russian plane was blown up in Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt. We will, most likely, see more. I will not be surprised if the next happens to be New York or Washington DC.

There is no end in sight as of now. Not anytime soon. Unless ISIS becomes disarmed. The supply route of arms and other resources to ISIS must be stopped. Only superpowers can do that. But the million dollar question is, will they?

The Muslim world – including the so-called moderate Muslims – relishes a strange kind of acceptance of ISIS. The reaction of the Muslim world is baffling and disappointing. They cannot give up the religion of their parents and community, but they cannot defend it either. The typical response is, ‘Oh, ISIS (or their types) are not real Muslims.’ Or, ‘Yes, they (ISIS types) are wrong, but so are them (France, US, western culture, secularists, bloggers, atheists – you name it). Some would openly support ISIS, others admire secretly.

The apparent success and infamy of ISIS makes them believe the world will someday be under the power and authority of Islam. They cherish this hope in their hearts. No doubt this hope will evaporate like liquid nitrogen once the ISIS is contained. But in the meantime, it seems ISIS is its own enemy. They have effectively made the rest of the world (except the Muslim community at large) their enemy. That’s where the hope lies – their stupidity.

Those, among Muslims, that are really bothered by the rise of ISIS-like forces, are so few and timid that we do not hear their voice. Had their voices been stronger, things perhaps would have been different. They are the ones that can salvage this religion. But they will also have to accept the reality. The days of authoritative religion are over. Islam is probably the last bastion and ISIS is its last defender.