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A Crowd Puller and his Zombies: The Indian government has been silent on snakes in their backyard.

By: Chris Emmanuel Dsouza

It’s an evening show in Maldives, appears like half of the tiny islands inhabitants have congregated to the ‘enlightened’ lecture, a preacher is standing in front of the microphone, eyes covered with spectacles, head with the skull cap and a designer suit with its trousers tucked few inches above the ankles. Over the […]

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The Brave are the Dead: Barbarism in Bangladesh

By: Chris Emmanuel Dsouza

The cult of ISIS style king has penetrated into Bangladesh society. This has been well orchestrated in the series of street murders of Secular Bloggers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country, which was carved out of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1971, after a bloody battle against the Pakistan Army, costing over […]

What price to pay for loving music!

It was early morning of April 23. Professor Rezaul Karim Siddiquee of Rajshahi University was on his way to work. The assailants were waiting, they did not hesitate. Rezaul Karim was hacked to death only a few yards from his home. His crime? He was a lover of arts and music. He ran a small […]

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