During the silence of the sound
The sky was overcast with cloud
Suddenly, a rain drop fell
On a lively beautiful hell
People were busy with their own works
Enjoying their promises and hugs
Nobody was there to care
Crime and sin, everything was fair

Everyone was alive there
But without any life, without any care
No one knew where to go
Everyone knew just what to show
People were selfish,busy with their taste
They created two words
upper and lower caste

Justice wasn’t available there
sorrows were forbidden to share
No one knew how to be good, how to be fair
There was only revenge,
anger and danger
there was only fear and tear
No one was dear…or anyone was near

Everything was forbidden
every truth was hidden

It was our world, known as a hell
it was a very beautiful selfish hell
very hard to guess
so tough to smell

Everything was pale,
there wasn’t any dream or any tale

The rain drop fell
On this bad selfish hell.

-Maisha Ishrat