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Machettes, fundamentalism and rationalism: what does history tell us? Video of Rafida Ahmed Bonya’s presentation at UC Riverside

Within the last year five Bangladeshis who have promoted rationalism and free thought, including authors, bloggers, and their publishers, have been brutally murdered for professing their views. Rafida Ahmed, herself savagely attacked as her husband was murdered, will reflect on issues associated with these murders within the wider context of history of free thinking and […]

Razor’s Edge: A documentary on the current situation of the Bangladeshi atheist bloggers

Remembering Avijit Roy

Exactly one year ago, on the 26th of February, 2015, Avijit Roy, founder of the Muktomona Blog, was brutally murdered at the Dhaka Book Fair. Avijit Roy was visiting Dhaka in conjunction with the publication of two of his books. The attack also grievously injured his wife Bonya Ahmed.

A year has gone by. In the […]

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Swedish “The Dissident Blog’s” Special Issue on Bangladesh

The Dissident Blog is a publication of the Swedish PEN that wants to bring to light texts “that can neither be written nor published in the writers’ own countries.” The goal is provide these writings a Swedish as well as an international audience. This is an excellent well-developed online magazine that should be on the […]

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Justice Served: Death Sentence Upheld for Two War Criminals

During the early morning hours of November 22, Bangladesh carried out the death sentences for two notorious war criminals of 1971. They were Salahuddin Quader (SQ) Chowdhury and Ali Ahsam Mohammed Mujahid (or Mojaheed).

The convicted were accused of taking part in mass murders and assassinations of innocent Bengalis during the 1971 liberation struggle against […]

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Editorial: Human Rights Watch’s statement is unhelpful towards establishing justice

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has issued a statement asking for an immediate halt to the execution of the war criminals Salahuddin Quader (SQ) Chowdhury and Ali Hasan Mujahid in Bangladesh. HRW wants to portray this as a political vendetta of the ruling Awami League (AL) against the political parties of Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and Bangladesh Nationalist […]

By |November 21st, 2015|1971 genocide, Human Rights, war crimes|2 Comments

Joint Statement: Calling on the Canadian government to help secularists in Bangladesh

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

We, the undersigned organizations and concerned supporters, urgently call on the Canadian government to act on behalf of one of its citizens, Monika Mistry, to help her Bangladeshi husband recover in safety from a brutal attack he suffered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

On October 31, 2015, Tareq Rahim, an intellectual, […]

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