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When Freedom Emerges through Individuals

The Self
I was born alone, and thus will I die. Am I a muslim, or a Bengali, or a member of proletariat? These are what others shape me into. But the identity that exists before all these constructs is my own self. The individual me.

What is fascism? When a person follows an ideal in his […]

By |September 23rd, 2013|Human Rights, Philosophy, Politics, Religion|1 Comment

The ‘Attack’ on Sentiments

Four bloggers were put in jail and thousands of people agitated causing mass violence all due to one simple cause: the sentiment of some people got violated through the non-violent act of mere writings. Retaliation of a mental violation through physical aggression and punishment is unjust and disproportionate, but some people think that it is totally justified. In this writing, we explore how Farhad Mazhar and in general the post-modernist relativists may find this to be an opportunity to advance their own goal. It shows that an alliance between fundamental religious groups and the post-modern relativists is not all that bizarre. But before that, we first start with understanding the strict difference between a physical violation and a mental violation, and how putting the sentimental world before the physical world breeds injustice.


By |July 26th, 2013|Philosophy, Religion, Society|4 Comments

The real solution to worker’s problem

It happened again. Due to the negligence of the factory owner, near 100 people died. And we are asking, how many times more! Didn’t we say last time that it will happen again and again until government protects the workers? Yes, that is how we think, probably everyone, who are neither the ruthless owners nor […]

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