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Solidarity with Avijit: is it too late?

The expressions of solidarity with Avijit Roy are impressive. But I think that they are too late. Had journalists, artists and political activists taken a more robust view on free speech over the past years then we may never have come to this.
Instead, they have helped create a new culture of self censorship. Partly, it […]

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The right to offend and Islam

I contend we all should have the right to offend. Why? I bet you are wondering why I just said that. “The right to offend” is a contentious proposition. Almost nobody enjoys being offended, whether in private or in public. So why should we have a right to offend? What is so defensible about that? […]

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A few characteristics of contemporary capitalism

1. The great recession:

The inherently chaotic, crisis-prone nature of capitalism was a key part of Marx’s writings. He argued that the relentless drive for profits would lead companies to mechanize their workplaces, producing more and more goods while squeezing workers’ wages until they could no longer purchase the products they created. Sure enough, modern […]

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Relationship Between Democracy and Islam

The question of the compatibility of Islam and democracy has persisted for generations. Recent developments in technology, transportation and communication have served to intensify the interaction between the “democratic” countries of the West and the traditionally Islamic societies of the Middle East, South East Asia and North Africa. The political, religious and social developments of […]

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Jamaat-e-Islami: The Cradle of Islamic Extremism

Bangladesh will have to undo the Maududian infiltration of its state and society if it wants to be a true secular democratic country. It means uprooting Jamaat and its affiliated organizations from our society forever. It means purging the state and its machinery of elements that are furthering the Jamaat’s hate-filled agenda. The time has […]

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In search of identity

Many of us label Bangladesh as a moderate Muslim democracy. But the current Awami League government classifies Bangladesh as a secular country. It defines Bangladesh as a “non-communal country” with a “Muslim majority population”. The Awami League emphasizes that the concept of a moderate Muslim democracy cannot be applied in the case of Bangladesh because […]

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War Crime Trials and The Role of International Community

It is surprising to see that US, UK, EU and United Nations are not only concerned over the plans to execute the notorious war criminal Quader Molla but they are trying to halt his execution.It is incomprehensible why the growing Islamist militancy in Bangladesh is not causing any concern in the inter­national community […]

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