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Mukto-Mona blogger. My writings are archived on: About me: My grandfather (father’s side), Ismail Patwari was a Sanskrit teacher in schools near his village Khajuria, Comilla, and was popularly known as Ismail Pandit. A secular man, he was a lifelong supporter of the Indian National Congress, and was opposed to the creation of Pakistan. In his honor, my younger brother Dr. Kamal Siddiqui established a public library in the village. In 2012, I provided Tk. 400,000/- to Dhaka University and established the Ismail Pandit Memorial Fund for Sanskrit Education, which will award two prizes to the students graduating with B.A. (honors) in Sanskrit from the university: a Tk20,000 first prize and a Tk10,000 second prize.

Yet Another Atheist Killed

Once again we are outraged at the shocking killing of Ananta Bijoy by thugs recruited by self-assigned protectors of Islam that is supposed to be so fragile that this 1300+ year old religion followed by several billion people around the world is in danger of being taken down by a few atheists. Rumor has it […]

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Beyond the Immediate: Briefly, on the context of Avijit’s Killing

Avijit’s assassination like such similar other acts of brutality, has unnerved a lot of people. Participation in the CPB-BSD organized demonstration soon after the murder (although it was announced before the killing, but to oppose recent killing spree) demanding stopping the violence that has engulfed the country shows the extent of outrage among people. Those […]

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From Partition to Bangladesh: on the Trajectory of a Troubled Quest

“Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.” – Karl Marx, Letter from the Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher to Arnold Ruge (1843)

In March of 2013 an obscure fascist religious political party named Hefajat-e-Islam embarked on a mission to teach a lesson to the young people who gathered in Shabagh Square (according to Hefajat […]

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Democracy in the Making: Parliamentary Election – Beyond CG

Except for a very small minority at farthest ends of the polarized political spectrum and a few habitual skeptics thrown-in, there is general agreement that Bangladesh should have a democratic system of government. With such broad consensus on the basics, it is exasperating for most citizens to be caught in the battle over how the […]

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The Savar Massacre

The latest number of casualty from the Savar Massacre of 2013 due to the collapse of a 9-story building known as Rana Plaza (owned by Sohel Rana, a stalwart of the local branch of the Jubo League, an affiliate of Awami League which heads the current ruling coalition) exceeds 700 as of this writing! It […]

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Atheists among Us

By: Mohsin Siddique

It has been speculated  that until recently obscure outfit named Hefajat-e Islam, yet another self-appointed protector of Islam, succeeded in intimidating the government into arresting four (may be more) alleged atheists associated with Shabagh Moncho; if true, it is deeply disturbing. This is such an aberration for a country where overwhelming majority is […]

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