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Shabnam Nadiya is a writer, poet, and translator. Her work has appeared in various anthologies. Her publications include A Stranger Among Us (OV Books/University Press of Illinois), In Pursuit of the Perfect Gourmet Garam Masala (Skrev Press, UK), Galpa: Short Stories by Women from Bangladesh (Saqi Books, UK), Arshilata: Women’s Fiction from India and Bangladesh (, Bangladesh), Gulf Coast, Arsenic Lobster, Planet, Eclectica, Words Without Borders, etc.

Words are Not the Weapons That Kill

On August 03, 2015 Dhaka Tribune ran an article called Our Brand of Secularism written by Towheed Feroze, on secularism and contemporary Bangladesh.

Towheed Feroze, in the article, is “compelled” to ask whether Mukto-Mona critiqued one religion or all faiths–but couldn’t be bothered to visit the website to research this. He dismisses the notion (noted by […]

What they love so well

‘LOOK, Abbu, people’ve already moved in!’ The surprise in Erfan’s voice made Firoze look up from his newspaper to the newly erected building that stood beyond his veranda. It was almost noon on a cool pre-autumn day as Firoze sat in the only place in their apartment from where a sliver of sky could […]

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(Re)Reading Taslima Nasrin

Hi all,
Shraban Prokashoni has just brought out (Re)Reading Taslima Nasrin. Edited by Ali Riaz, the book is a collection of recent essays on the content and context of Taslima Nasrin’s work.

My essay, Woman Alone, on feminism, Taslima Nasrin and my development as a writer and as a woman is also in there. The article was […]

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Claiming Our Ground

Claiming Our Ground

Shabnam Nadiya

SIXTEEN, waist-length hair in a thick braid, still uncertain of my way solo in Dhaka, climbing into a rickshaw. I nearly get jerked onto the street as two young boys pull me by my hair and cycle off. It was fun. For them, I mean. Me? I looked at the people smirking […]

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