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Dr. Nripendra Sarker is a faculty member at Prairie View A&M University, Texas. Regular contributor of Mukto-Mona.

Few Sign of Creation of this Universe still available

Few signs of creation of this universe are still available in the Yellowstone National Park.

We don’t know when this person climbed up and for how long he engrossed into the beauty of the nature. Maybe he had meditated for hours after hours to feel the touch of creation of each granule of the Minerva Terrace; […]

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Indoctrinated to Hate the Humanity

One Mr. Jubair Ahmed sent the appended poetry to Texas A&M University listserv, [email protected] Even though it is much polished and civilized than the actual doctrine of the 6th century, it contains insult and hatred addressed to those who do not follow his scripture. The listserv and its members of other faiths tolerated […]

Grameen Bank – as I See it Waning.

During my recent visit of Bangladesh (May-June 2007), I observed dissatisfaction of one one-time organizer of borrowers in my own village. A tin-shed structure in his property specially constructed for meetings of the borrowers. This structure now appears like an abandoned house as he uses this to store cow dung and agricultural products and by-products […]

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