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Resist the Host of the Jamaat-I-Islami – a Parasite in the Political Arena of Bangladesh.

By: Shabbir Ahmed

The revival of the fascist Jamaat-I-Islami (JI) was beyond even the wild imagination of the people of Bangladesh after the independence in 1971. However, this happened under the patronization of a military dictator Gen. Zia, only a few years after the independence of Bangladesh. Despite the support of the successive military dictators, JI […]

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Demand of the Awakened Bengalis of 2013: Severely Punish the killers of 1971!

By: Shabbir Ahmed

The people of Bangladesh went through a long struggle for their independence. It was made awfully bloody by the Pakistani military and their collaborating forces including Jamaat-i-Islami (JI). The founder of JI named Maulana Moududi of Pakistan supported the massacre of Bengalis by the Pakistani military and his followers. He and his cohorts […]

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Bring to view the masterminds behind the thwarted coup attempt in Bangladesh.

An attempt for a coup to overthrow the current government of Bangladesh was foiled by the Bangladesh Army. As it appears, the well-trained army dealt with the conspiracies and provocation in a highly professional manner. The conspiracy of a few disgruntled members of the army aligned with the Islamic extremists could have caused instability in […]

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The Nobel Laureate and Managing Director of Grameen Bank, Dr. Yunus, under intense scrutiny

The Nobel Laureate and Managing Director of Grameen Bank, Dr. Yunus, under intense scrutiny

Shabbir Ahmed

Who could have predicted that one day the Grameen Bank Chief, Dr. Yunus, would be under the magnifying glass undergoing an intense scrutiny? Poverty alleviation through micro lending got a bad name in Bangladesh. This is the […]

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August 15 – a black day for Bangalees

Dear All,

The black day for Bangalees have come again. It’s a day for the Bangalees to mourn. The hyenas killed Bangabandhu and most of his family members on the black day of 15th August 1975. The killers didn’t spare pregnant women, nine-year old children, and newly-wed house wives. The animals living in the jungle […]

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