How Can Something Come From Nothing?

I write and lecture a lot about science and religion. A common question I get from religious believers is “How can something come from nothing?” They seem to think it’s the final clincher proving the existence of God—or at least some form of supernatural creation. Of course, they don’t say how God came from nothing. […]

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Religious Conversion


Religious conversion is not merely embracing a religion; it is a package deal that includes embracing a religion, embracing a different culture and tradition, ditching parents, relatives, and friends forever. All these effects come in the same package of religious conversion. So, it has much more serious consequences than just following a different religion. In […]

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Love that doesn’t count


Hasan and Khaled are in love since they know each other for last two years. They first met each other in a hidden Facebook group with fake profiles. Later, they met in person and a friendship developed. Khaled has been in Dhaka for the last three years and works for a small private company. Hasan […]

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The American Dream — An Illusion or Reality?

In the dry, evening heat of Bangladesh, a girl visiting from America stands alone on the balcony of her grandmother’s lavish condominium. Located roughly thirty miles north of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s suffocatingly-populated capital, Uttura Model Town – Uttura, for short – has a suburban character. In […]

The Koran Unveiled

written by Attila Romenian


1. Does the Koran really call for war against non-Muslims?
2. Does it really sanction domestic violence and say women have to obey men?
3. Does it really mandate women to cover up from head to toe?
4. Are Muslim men really promised virgins and wine in paradise?
5. Does the Koran really endorse martyrdom?
6. Does […]

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(Are we, the humans, so special that our souls would live forever, and, we have the right to be reckless to nature?)

MOST of us like to believe that we are the best living creature on earth. The religions are based on this idea, where human should dominate the whole living world. This kind of thinking […]

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Behind the US Debt Crisis

(From the Perspective of a non-Economist)  

Everything gets complicated in the hands of the government. Which reminds me of some of the famous quotes from President Ronald Regan: “Government is not the solution, Government is the problem.” And “If someone says I am from the government and I want to help you, run from him as […]

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