The Shame of Ban on Beef in Secular India

India’s beef ban came into spotlight recently in horrible ways. On September 30, 2015, a mob of more than 100 people lynched a 50 years old Muslim man, named Mohammad Akhlaq, in Uttar Pradesh. They also roughed up his family, including seriously injuring his 22 years old son. What was the reason? There was a […]

A Note on Peter Custers

My younger sister called the other night to tell me that journalist Peter Custers, familiar in Bangladesh, died of a heart attack. I had no contact with him for over 43 years, but occasionally bits of information came through the proverbial grape-vine that he is still involved in Bangladesh’s (and other places’?) radical politics. I […]

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Vadodara and Ahmedabad (India) recently faced two tragic incidences of immense social implications. These incidences may be isolated in nature but give insights in to the prevailing social milieu.

In the first incidence, one 22 years old woman bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer. The woman delivered a baby just 10 days ago. […]

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In an obscure corner of Russia, a local court banned “Geeta” (the famous Hindu Religious Book) last year for being a book which describes and promotes violence. The members of RSS and similar Hindu organizations in India became vocal with protests against that court verdict. But as the said court was far away, Indian Hindu […]

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Mehdi Masroor Biswas, the young Bengali Muslim ‘laptop Jihadi’ from Kolkata was arrested in Bangalore (India) a couple of days back. Mehdi was working in an MNC there. He comes from a middle class family and has a bachelor degree in electronics. Mekhail Biswas, father of Mehdi, quite reasonably, doubted that it could be a […]

“Hear it? Indian secularism is both enduring & audible”

The article under above title written by M J Akbar & published in The Times of India on 7th December 2014 is copied and pasted below. The visitors may find the contents interesting.

As the debate continues to swirl around secularism, albeit with ebbing intensity, but still provoking a loose nerve or two, an intriguing question […]

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I saw a few photographs from UK in electronic medium recently where UK Muslims (apparently non-white) were shouting with banner and placards displaying slogans for imposing Shariah in UK and whole world.

What UK Muslims of this kind want to express? They are doing harms to fellow peace loving Muslims by adopting a stance […]

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