A beautiful hell

During the silence of the sound
The sky was overcast with cloud
Suddenly, a rain drop fell
On a lively beautiful hell
People were busy with their own works
Enjoying their promises and hugs
Nobody was there to care
Crime and sin, everything was fair

Everyone was alive there
But without any life, without any care
No one knew where to go
Everyone knew just what […]

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The dreamers

They burned the witches for the day and tried to clean the air. But the air’s never clean where their breaths have been. The smoke of ideas just circle around and infect. Once infected the symptoms are clear. Your laughter grows too loud, your songs become too free, your eyes see too much. Don’t fret, […]

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One more thing to forget (A Prose Poem)

One more thing to forget
(A Prose Poem)

It fell off the sack, on the way from the morgue to the graveyard. It was not a leg like ours. Ours were smooth, and soft, innocent. But that one had all the signs of being old, it had muscles that must have taken years to […]

Indoctrinated to Hate the Humanity

One Mr. Jubair Ahmed sent the appended poetry to Texas A&M University listserv, [email protected] Even though it is much polished and civilized than the actual doctrine of the 6th century, it contains insult and hatred addressed to those who do not follow his scripture. The listserv and its members of other faiths tolerated […]

Quest for Peace

Quest for Peace


Dr. Kamrun Nahar

[email protected]


Political field of Bengal becomes a frying pan in winter;

Taking away the scent of roasted meat, air goes far;

Invaders on aircrafts with appetite come to fuel the fire. 


Silver days spread fabulous wings in the sky of eternity,

Horrible nights set out in a plain of solemn serenity, […]

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